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About GarageFontsThe boutique foundry of Phil’s Fonts

GarageFonts was established in 1993, primarily as a vehicle to distribute some of the first typeface designs created for Ray Gun magazine.

Phil's Fonts has been in the type business for over twenty-five years. The company evolved from one of the most well-known and respected photolettering studios in the typesetting industry: Phil's Photo. In 1999, Phil’s Fonts acquired GarageFonts, which serves as a vehicle for all of Phil’s new releases.


Ralph Smith

Ralph Smith has been in the type business for over thirty-five years. After starting out as a camera operator, he became a typesetter and finally a general manager for the old Phil’s Photo. Phil’s Fonts was established in 1991, and Ralph became the owner in 1995. In 1999, he brought GarageFonts into the Phil’s Fonts family. 

Ralph lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with his wife, two sons, two cats, and one dog.

Type Production, Web site design

Kienan Smith

Kienan Smith handles QA for all new releases and is the man behind a secret GarageFonts website.